Thanks for Poppin’ By!

Pop-Pop’s Gourmet Popcorn is located at 136 Ashman Circle in Midland, Michigan. Our hot-air-popped, gourmet popcorn is more than a fresh and tasty treat. It can be the perfect way to say thank you, convey greetings, cater an event, raise funds for your important project, or simply enjoy it as a treat after a long, busy day.

While we cannot claim to be completely gluten-free, we do not intentionally use ingredients that contain wheat. Each batch of our gourmet popcorn is made from scratch. We always strive to provide the highest level of quality flavors – because that’s what we like to eat.

That’s also why we:

  • Use NO high-fructose corn syrup;
  • Never add preservatives;
  • and ALWAYS use REAL cheese.

We are always open to answering questions about our process, ingredients, flavors, and allergens. Please contact us if you have questions and concerns about any of these areas. We also consider custom flavors, so you’re welcome to send us your ideas. Some of our customer-suggested flavors are among our Best-Selling Flavors.

Locally Grown

We buy our popcorn kernels from Zastrow Family Farms, located in Hemlock, Michigan. The mushroom-style kernels are the best for coating due to their round
shape. We always use their Mega Mushroom kernel, which truly enhances your popcorn eating experience!

❤ We Love What We Do

You may be wondering, “What exactly is it you do? Our answer is: We make amazingly delicious flavored popcorn by using the best, most-wholesome ingredients available to us.
As we create our flavored popcorn the two groups of people whose opinions really matter: Pop-Pop’s Staff and YOU! The popcorn has to pass our taste and quality standards before it is offered to you. We strive to offer you the best-tasting popcorn you might ever have!

? From Our Store To Your Home

Save time and order your Pop-Pop’s gourmet popcorn online. Currently, we are offering, through our Web site, a limited selection of our signature flavors. A complete list of our current flavors and prices is available by request. Please email us at: custsvc@pop-popsgt.com, or call us at: 989-486-9601, to receive a copy. (Certain minimums may apply.)

We offer in-store, front door pickup and shipping via UPS!

Thank you for popping by!

The youth sports league that held this fundraiser earned enough to buy new equipment!

The teacher of this class used Pop-Pop’s Gourmet Popcorn’s fundraiser for several years. The funds were used to buy supplies for the students.

This group sold Pop-Pop’s gourmet popcorn to buy extra supplies for their theatrical production.


Our fundraiser is an easy way to raise money for your group, or personal goals. Schools, clubs, athletic programs, churches, and individuals have used our fundraiser to earn money. The fundraiser has provided money to purchase needed equipment, supplies, or taken a trip to an event in another state.

Our fundraiser is a 50 – 50 WIN!

Call us (989-486-9601) or email us (custsvc@pop-popsgt.com) to get more information